We are committed to working with schools and young people to encourage an interest in civil and mechanical engineering; without these essential skills, our future water supply – and availability of clean drinking water - is by no means guaranteed. Without vital engineering knowledge, we won’t be able to build anything new – reservoirs, pipelines, treatment plants – or develop new technologies. Our aim is to introduce formal water education within the National Curriculum and to prove to young children that water engineering and science is a thrilling and relevant subject. By doing this we expect that they will want to continue their studies in water at university as well as encouraging a greater take-up of the more challenging subjects such as Physics, Mathematics and sciences which are all core skills in the art of water and environmental management. We provide coaching and mentoring and deliver training courses and programmes in schools and workplaces.

EXAMPLE: Students are assigned the roles of local council, Environment Agency, farmers and homeowners and encouraged to thrash out issues of environmental planning. Through this experience, they understand how strongly different factions respond to flood prevention and work towards a mutually acceptable solution.

(Case Study – Tomorrow’s Water Competition, Stockholm)